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Lorin Roche's Radiance Sutras


Ayurveda (from an workshop by Deepak Chopra and Dr. Sheila Patel)

Ayurveda is the science of Life. Ayur means Life and Veda means science.

The guiding principle of Ayurveda is the interconnection of all things. You are not an isolated connection of atoms and molecules you are an inseparable part of the infinite field of intelligence. Life in Ayurveda is conceived as the union of the body, senses, mind and spirit. Health is not just the absence of illness but a higher state of consciousness that allows vitality, wellbeing, creativity and joy to flow into your experience.

In contrast illness is a disruption, a blockage in the flow of energy and information that creates a sense of separation or alienation from the field of intelligence.

Disease: The final expression of toxic accumulations in the mind-body physiology

Symptoms and sickness are the body signal that you need to restore balance eliminate whatever is causing the blockages and reestablish the healthy flow of energy and information.

Ayurveda two guiding principles are:

Ayurveda is a traditional healing system that was first described in India thousands of years ago. The principles are based on the laws of nature and can be applied everywhere on the planet and at any time in history.

#1. Mind-body integration. By healing the mind through shifting thoughts and emotions one heals the body and by healing the body one heals the mind.
#2. Emotions are the primary driver of the physiology.

Once you discover the tools and techniques in Ayurveda you unlock the secret to your inner healing ability and how to live a life of health, happiness and lightness of being.

6 Pillars for wellbeing and healthy aging

1. Sleep help renew your body, discharge out toxins, flush out the amyloid, self regulation of hormones that are responsible for appetite and hunger, satiety, self-regulation, enhance creativity, memory, consolidate your memory, fine tune your immune system, access the non-local mind, spirit, consciousness.
2. Meditation increases telomerase, reset your biological clock for aging, increases all the activity of all the genes that are responsible with homeostasis and self regulation, decreases the activity of the genes that are responsible for inflammation and chronic illness.
3. Movement - mind-body coordination, yoga, yoga asanas, pranayam breathing practices, the yoga asanas stimulate various visceral nerves that are involved in self-regulation in different organs in our body.
4. Healthy emotions: love, compassion, joy, empathy, equanimity, peace of mind. Negative emotions disrupt homeostasis and cause accelerated aging and inflammation.
5. Nutrition: eating healthy food of the 6 tastes of Life and the seven colors of the rainbow that is not contaminated, petroleum, insecticides, with hormones, antibiotics, not manufactured through refined processes or has high sugar how it affects the microbiome and 2 million genes that are involved in self-regulations. Nutrition is important to reset our biological clock for aging and enhance self-regulation and homeostasis.
6. Grounding - when you walk barefoot on earth, or on grass one feels energized and better. Jetlag goes away. Getting in touch with the earth resets our biological clock so that we are in harmony with the rhythm called the circadian rhythm. There are many rhythms like seasonal, gravitational, lunar but when one is grounded through the circadian rhythm you are resetting all the other rhythms.

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Nadi Shodana

Dintr-un curs de imbatranire sanatoasa cu Deepak Chopra si Doctorita Sheila Patel:


Nadi Shodana (purificarea canalelor energetice)

Curata si echilibreaza canalele energetice asigurand un flux lin de prana in corp.

Armonizeaza emisfera dreapta si emisfera stanga incurajand echilibrul intre
caracteristicile logice si emotionale ale psihicului.

Mana stanga in poala

Degetul aratator si degetul mijlociu de la mana dreapta pe frunte intre sprancene.

Degetul mare mana dreapta acopera nara dreapta

Inhalatie nara stanga

Inelar si degetul mic pe nara stanga
Se ridica degetul mare de pe nara dreapta

Expiratie prin nara dreapta

Inspiratie prin nara dreapta

Degetul mare pe nara dreapta
Se ridica degetul mic si inelarul de pe nara stanga

Expiratie prin nara stanga

Degetul mare pe nara dreapta

Inhalatie prin nara stanga

Inelarul si degetul mic pe nara stanga
Se ridica degetul mare de pe nara dreapta

Expiratie prin nara dreapta

Inspiratie prin nara dreapta

Degetul mare pe nara dreapta
Se ridica degetul mic si inelarul de pe nara stanga

Expiratie prin nara stanga

Nadi Shodana este un flux continuu si fara efort al respiratiei fara pauze deliberate.

5 pana la 10 in fiecare zi inainte de meditatie

Isha Kriya



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From sex to typing to consciousness

I started my evolutionary journey with experiencing sex. So I was very unaquainted with the life force in me when I got into this. What I would advice and the findings which I come about into my exploration is that

sex is how we are coming into this world and how we can give birth to children. This is very basic and

foundational for a right approach to sex and to hummans of the opposite polarity. Also with sex we become acquainted with birth and we expect that at some point the biological form that is our body will get old and die.

As a spiritual dimension sex has implications as we realize that there are other ways through which we can express ourselves and also how we experience reality.

This brings me to a transcript of one of OSHO's talks in which he says that when we choose an experience always if we have the possibility is to choose the higher one. This in the context of my particular spiritual journey which inflicted a lot of suffering both on myself and others through my silly undertaking is to for example bring understanding through favouring mind experiences, maybe travelling in my case than sensous experiences like food and sex.

Also exploration of the body one finds both pleasure and pain. So in order to get beyond pleasure and pain in our ordinary leaving is to not favour one over the other that is not to choose delightful sensory experiences for the pursue of pleasure in order to fill maybe our lack of understanding or inability to face life challenges or avoidance of life which in the end will leave us with the opposite which is pain caused by illnesses that are produced by overindulgence.

This brings me to say that to understand what is proper one must know which are the essential human needs which are essential for existence which are: shelter, clothes, food and love.

Body ways of expression are very basic and they consist of instinctive functions which happen by means of biology and reflexes that we have or emergency responses that get activated in times of stress or crises. Than there are emotions that is movements sometimes very subtle barely noticeable like moving a chick, a finger, straightening our body, or moving a hand, or foot, or turning our head. When they are fast they encite a certain aliveness and we might move quickly, even dance.

Then the mind is really about talking. Without a mind we will realy not be able to talk with one another. Empathy helps to get attuned with one's emotions this is how we connect and bond with one another.

Talk is realy comming by sounds which are the basis of words that are meaningful to they way we experience reality.

There are many ways of expression so words and sounds are the basis of the mind though when combined with emotions and the body they can bring up other ways of expression and creativity like writing, drawing.

This is related somehow to a totality of what I know I am as far as the experiences I had. Underlying experiences there is consciousness. Consciousness is expressing through writing and experiencing typing to a keyboard and looking into a screen.