marți, 17 mai 2016

Tanzania and Kenya black tea

If you are into black tea you probably know the Indian and Ceylon varieties which are one of the most commond on the international market, well probably except China and Japan.

Three years ago I bought my first pack of African black, the Ntingwe Kwazulu from Taylors of Harrogate. This is a strong full bodied black tea from South Africa which makes for a perfect morning cup.

Since I first tasted I wanted to try another African tea but I didn't found one on the Romanian market until a couple of weeks ago when I found two varieties. One was from Kenya and one from Tanzania.

When I bought them I didn't knew Kenya and Tanzania are neighbour countries. So the first time I bought the Kenya tea which was a round bodied black tea with a pleasant taste and strength. When I finished the Kenya tea I thought to give Tanzania a try. The rather flat smell of the tea didn't quite attracted me at first but I took one anyway. The tea failed to impress me from the taste perspective but it brought quite an interesting other.

The flat taste of the tea almost resembles water even though the colour is a quite pleasant reddish one. But when I was browsing through a National Geographic magazine I realized Masai Mara and Serengeti are part of the two neighbour countries and the end points of one of the biggest yearly migration of herbivorous on earth. The I tought that there must be a connection that explains the tastes of the two teas which are inextricably linked to the sorrounding nature. African summer and winter must be linked to this two teas. Kenya is for the summer when the herds reach the Masai Mara and Tanzania is for the winter when the herds reach the Serengeti plains.

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