luni, 16 mai 2016


For about a year and a few months I have been using an Aspire ES1-111M as one of the main workstations.

The laptop is running happily Linux Obarun ( I am using my laptop for browsing the Internet and I have to say I find it great for this purpose.

The laptop has a 11'' non glare screen, Celeron CPU, eMMC hard drive, with a comfortable keyboard, sturdy build, no flimsy parts and whisper quiet as it has no fans.

The only issue I have so far is with the touch pad which is of rather poor quality and I have intermitent issues because it just locks or freezes from time to time. The issue has been solved by attaching an external mouse.

For wireless I am using a Tenda USB adapter with RT5370 chipset which is working out of the box and can be configured with Connman which is running by default.

Obarun uses Openbox for a windows manager which is a lightweight and stable windows manager which gets the job done.

The only thing I will improve upon the laptop would be the touchpad, everything else is just spot on for my intended purpose. I feel Acer did a great job with the product and I am looking forward for the next generations of similar products which will be able to run Linux as well.

Also I very much like Obarun for being exactly what I need without much tweaking.

The few commands I found useful are:

pacman -Ssy for updating the package database
pacman -S to install packages
xbacklight -set to change the light of the screen
upower -d (after installation) to see the battery status
pppoe-setup to setup a pppoe connection
Connman for setting up wireless

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